About BenePro

Founded in 1990, BenePro is a mid-size benefit and HR advisory firm based in Royal Oak, Michigan. We pride ourselves on providing clients with a personal touch. Rather than offering a “cookie-cutter” approach for all clients, we adapt to our clients’ needs.

We are proven leaders in the analysis and development of organizational cost containment initiatives, administrative functions and communications support. In fact, a number of the programs our clients currently participate in were pioneered through our efforts. These include being first to utilize debit cards for FSA, utilizing Canadian Drug Reimportation to reduce drug costs, financial engineering to best control health care costs and many similar innovations.

We are committed to . . .

  • Providing real solutions for our client’s employee benefit needs
  • Effectively managing benefit costs
  • Freeing staff to focus on strategic goals
  • Producing exceptional employee engagement results

Key Personnel:

  • Kristopher F. Powell, President/CEO
  • Erin Faszczewski, Director of Account Management
  • Renee Tevault, Assistant Director of Account Management
  • Jeff Borglin, Benefits Advisor
  • Tami Caldwell, Account Manager